Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ashford School's Teacher of the Year

Colleagues have chosen third grade teacher Gail Christopher as Ashford’s Teacher of the Year for 2009-10. Mrs. Christopher has completed thirty-one years of teaching, thirty of them at Ashford School. Among her many contributions is her role as third-grade team coordinator and CORE coordinator for grades 1-3. Mrs. Christopher has worked on numerous curriculum committees. She is currently a member of the Science Curriculum Committee. Over the years Mrs. Christopher has overseen several student teachers. She has also volunteered in various PTO-sponsored events such as Family Fun Day and participated in the faculty variety show.

“I have taught third grade for most of my career and absolutely love working with eight- and nine-year-old children,”’ notes Mrs. Christopher. This dedication to teaching is highlighted by comments from students.

Nathan says, "She's awesome and teaches us a lot. She helps us so we can get better at stuff."

Faiths adds, "She's one of the best teachers and doesn't really yell that much. One day it was really hot and she gave us pops.”

PJ states, “She's an excellent teacher. Very smart."

And Katie adds, “"She always gives us pencils and rewards if we do something right."