Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Principal Johndrow's Message

On Friday October 9th I had the most wonderful day as two, quite professional gentlemen, took over as Principal of Ashford School. Josiah Caldwell and Cameron Albert were chosen out of 331 students to share this honor. Becoming principal for the day was the incentive for the Summer Reading Challenge. The “principals” checked on classes, asked if the nurse needed help, checked on Mr. Mellady to see if all was going well, reminded students not to lean on railings, and check how things were going at the primary recess. The three of us had lunch together and talked about discipline and school improvement. They felt things are going very well.

On one of the days I was working on this newsletter I looked out the window and it was snowing. Isn’t snow before Halloween a little early! This does bring up the reminder that at Ashford School we believe that children need to be outside as many day s as possible. Please check the weather and have your children dressed accordingly.

November is here and I want to remind you Conferences are on Thursday, November 12th and Friday, November 13th. This follows the Veteran’s Day holiday on Wednesday the 11th. You will have received the first report card of the year prior to the conferences, as well as, CMT scores and numerous assessments. This will allow for a meaningful dialogue with your child’s teacher (s).

I have visited every classroom and am so impressed with the learning occurring in all the classrooms. Many pieces of student work are on display on bulletin boards outside classrooms. During conferences I encourage you to walk the hallways and look at the marvelous work that are students produce.