Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Technology News

You should visit the Class Connections page ( at the Ashford School website and explore the links there. The teachers at Ashford School have put in a lot of hours first for training and then for creating class webpages and we are at almost 100%. Take a minute to explore what is happening at different grade levels or look at the informational pages put up by some of the resource and support service areas. . These resources can be a place for parents to get more information but also a place for you to explore things with your children. Check out Mrs. Moran's site for fascinating links to further enrich you students' experiences. Many teachers have added parent or family links.

New Software Connection:

Thanks to the efforts of Special Education Director Donna Hartigan, Ashford School has a yearlong complimentary license to two online skills development programs for students to access both at school and at home. We have implemented the Lexia Reading and Symphony Math software programs, teachers have received training and letters with download, login and password information have started going home. Lexia Reading helps students rapidly develop reading skills in an engaging and dynamic way. It has an initial auto-placement activity, which starts students at the appropriate level. The Symphony Math software helps students develop a solid foundation in number conceptualization and math operations. Symphony Math systematically helps students improve math concepts, fluency, procedures and applications. As an added benefit, these programs are available to students at home to extend their instructional time via its School-to-Home Connection. This extra time will help students achieve their reading and math goals at an even faster rate. We encourage you to help your children access these programs at home by following the specific download procedures for each program. This will allow them to work independently to improve their skills. Both programs suggest practice for twenty minutes a day."