Friday, November 20, 2009

November Technology News Items

by Marji Roy, Technology Coordinator

Lexia Reading Update Invalid Code Info:

Many teachers have been using the Lexia Reading program in school and encouraging students to use it at home. Please note that when you download it at home you MUST include the dashes when you enter the school code. If you do not you will get a message indicating that the code is invalid and to contact your child's teacher. If you entered an invalid code you can fix it by launching Lexia and then immediately holding down the “a” and “s” keys. This will again direct you to the configuration page and you can correct the login code. Also of great excitement is that some of the stimulus money from the federal government is being used to update computers in grade 1 classrooms to better implement this new Lexia Reading program.

BOE Photo Policy Change:

Photos of school events will soon be appearing on the Ashford School web site ( The Board of Education has recently changed the policy banning all recognizable photos. We can now include photos and movies of students. They can only be identified using a first name. All parents were asked permission on the universal permission form that was distributed at the beginning of the year. We still will not publish photos for any student whose parents requested that we not do so. Teachers are excited about this change especially because we have been learning how to create podcasts and other multi-media presentations. Keep tuned!

Lunch Payment News:

Have you tried paying for school lunches online yet? This new service is operational and taking the hassle out of sending in lunch money. Refer to the guide sheet sent home in order to set up your account and pay for school lunches directly with your online bill pay. There is additional information about the process at the Lunch Info area on the school website.