Friday, November 20, 2009

PreSchool Parent Information Night

by Mrs. Lusa, Preschool Teacher

On Wednesday, November 4th, a group of preschool parents gathered in the library for a presentation on what their children are learning in preschool. After a brief presentation on the Connecticut State Preschool Frameworks, the parents went to work on “being a preschooler.” Groups of parents rotated through four different activities and experienced some of the things that are done in preschool. They used blocks, playdough, lotto/puzzles and did some sorting and patterning activities. They were asked to look at a list of preschool skills and identify which ones the children could learn in each activity. At the end of the meeting, one parent commented, “When I ask my child what they did that day at school, they always answer 'I played'. Now I know why they say that.” Play is a young child’s way of learning!