Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Principal Johndrow's Message

Thank you for entrusting your children to us this past year. With the arrival of the end of the school year, it is so heartwarming to see how much progress our children have made. Whether it is to be more socially responsible, kinder to others or feeling good because they can now read, write or solve that algebraic problem everyone has grown in some area. How lucky we are to live in a country where everyone has the opportunity to attend school.

To the Dad’s, Mom’s, Uncle, Aunts, Brothers and Sisters and all others who serve in the military or some other service to our country, thank you.

On Thursday evening, May 20, I presented the final copies of the Math Summer Packets and Language Arts Summer Packets to the Board of Education. The Science Packet is in its final stages. The board members devoured the packets. They complimented and were visibly impressed with look of the packets. They recognized the appropriateness of the requirements aligned to each grade and the enormous commitment that teachers at every grade level made to provide summer activities which will keep our students at their current level of learning.

Much of the success and how students view the packets will be contingent on parental support. Each family can decide how best to approach the packets. We have some guidelines that you may choose to use. In the Math Packets you will notice that the week number is at the top the page. (summer is 10 weeks long). A few problems done every week and you will easily complete the work. If you are going to be on vacation you can do a b it more of the work the week before, or a bit more the week after. It is not a bad idea to carry a book with for that rainy day or long drive. A few rainy days and a large part of any math packet or writing requirement can be completed. Every student may approach the completion of any packet at his or her own pace. I hope that parents do a periodic check to make sure that the work is being done.

This completion of the summer packets is required. The work will be handed in on the first day of school. Every grade has planned rewards and ways to acknowledge the great work that our students will do. Students, you will love what is planned.

Have a wonderful and safe summer!