Monday, April 5, 2010

Principal Johndrow's Message

March and CMT’s have flown away! We are so appreciative of all the encouragement, the consistent bedtimes, the special breakfasts that so many of you provided for your children. In addition to yearlong CMT practice, one of the areas of focus was ways of motivating kids to do their individual best. It is universally accepted that one third of CMT scores are impacted in a positive way by the motivation a student has to do well.

We worked hard at motivational strategies this year and have evidence of initial success in this wonderful letter from a parent.

Dear Teacher,
“Poor David! He is very unhappy about missing school today because he did not want to miss the CMT’s. He managed to get dressed, said he would try to eat a little something at breakfast club, made it ¼ of the way to the bus stop and then stopped. He said that if he did the CMT’s this morning he would get all the questions wrong.
I think one reason David tried so hard to make it to school is those stars you have been giving the children. David is very, very proud of his and has them displayed on our new refrigerator. He tell us about the CMT’s each day and has enjoyed all of the (except the writing prompt.) Thanks for helping make them seem fun instead of something to worry about.” A Parent