Monday, February 22, 2010

Science Bowl Team

The Ashford Science Bowl team is still going strong and has even expanded its horizons this year to include members who will be working on challenges set forth by the Connecticut Science Olympiad. Some Science Bowl members will still be competing in the Regional Science Bowl competition scheduled for February 27th at UConn. As in past years, Ashford will be sending two teams: one to answer rapid-fire questions in the Quiz Bowl competition and the other group will design a car that will enter the Solar Car Race. For the Connecticut Science Olympiad competition to be held at UConn on April 10th at New Britain High School, Ashford will hopefully send three teams. Science Olympiad members have chosen to work on the "Junkyard Challenge", the "Science Crime Busters", and the "Road Warrior" events. Mrs. Perkins and Mrs. Moran are this year's coaches.