Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Principal Johndrow's October Message

As I greeted students getting off the bus on the first day of school it became increasingly obvious that the vast majority of students were looking forward to getting back to school. They were genuinely happy, chatting and laughing with their friends, comparing which teacher each had, and even talking about what they were looking forward to in school. Throughout the days that followed I made visits to every classroom and it amazes, but does not come as a surprise, that all of the classrooms were in full swing looking like they had been in school for a couple of weeks.

Fall has arrived. Driving into school, (I admit I have a beautiful drive in) the leaves are making huge progress turning into their beautiful colors. I noticed it again when I’m out watching the soccer games. October brings field trips to the firehouse, flu clinics, soccer games and WINGS for 7th and 8th graders. Already bulletin boards in the hallway and classrooms are filling up with student work.

Very likely you are hearing Mrs. Moran’s name a lot, She teaches enrichment classes in grades 1-5. This year we are delighted that in addition to her enrichment classes she is co-teaching at least one science class a week in grade 1-5. If you want to know about Monarch butterflies - ask a primary student!

I’d like to welcome Miss Erin Maloney who will be teaching fourth grade for the rest of the year while Mrs. Ramsdell is on maternity leave. Miss Maloney is an experienced teacher and integrates music into her language arts.

By now I’m sure that you have gotten into a routine for homework completion at “your house”. A quiet time, a special place, and your encouragement are what are required for students to develop good homework work ethics. Mrs. Dee Trumbull, our new reading teacher in grades 5-8, has good advice for the beginning of school.